How to Make Hyperlinks in Keynote (In 60 Seconds)
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  • How to Make Hyperlinks in Keynote (In 60 Seconds)

    Hyperlinks in presentations can help your viewer jump outside of the presentation and on to a website or even somewhere else in the Keynote file. Let's learn how to add them to a Keynote presentation in this video. I'm working here in a presentation in Keynote. I've got some text here that I may want to send the viewer outside to check out more information on.

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  • Illustrator in 60 Seconds: How to Create an Emoji Icon

    What You'll Be Creating

    Welcome to our Illustrator in 60 Seconds series, in which you can learn an Illustrator skill, feature, or technique in just a minute!

    Illustrator in 60 Seconds: How to Create an Emoji Icon

    In today's video, we're going to quickly learn how to create a cute little emoji icon, using nothing more than some basic shapes that we're going to adjust here and there.

    So, assuming you already have Illustrator running in the background, bring it up and let's get started!

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  • How to Add Animated GIFs to Keynote (In 60 Seconds)

    An animated GIF can be a nice touch to a presentation and they're easy to add and customize in Apple Keynote. A Keynote GIF adds a bit of animation to your slideshow, which can help add interest. Let's look at how to add GIFs in Keynote.

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