To Steal or Not to Steal
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  • To Steal or Not to Steal

    I am a huge fan of informed debate.  I have on more than a few occasions been a part of of official, organized panel discussions with representatives of both sides of this issue or that. But I have found two-sided panels to be an endangered species in Washington, D.C.  People here seem to prefer empaneling four five or six people – all of whom are | Read More

  • Ice Ice Maybe

    Many news organizations have disgraced themselves over these last few weeks in the unlovely quest for peccadillos in Brett Kavanaugh’s youth, but the New York Times has outshone the rest. A story on October 2 brought us finally to the point of self-parody. The lede was breathtaking in its silliness: “As an undergraduate student at Yale, Brett M. Kavanaugh was involved in an altercation at a local bar during which he was accused of throwing ice on another patron, according to a police report.”

  • Teen charged with stealing from celebrity homes

    Tyress Williams allegedly targeted famous stars including Rihanna, says prosecutors in Los Angeles.