Anthem is now in alpha
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  • Anthem is now in alpha

    Anthem, BioWare’s upcoming shared-world action-adventure, has hit a major development milestone. BioWare announced that Anthem has reached its alpha stage, which typically means the game is content complete. In a new blog post celebrating the news, BioWare general manager Casey Hudson wrote that the fun he’s had playing Anthem with other players reminded him of […]

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  • Party Rock Anthem has the same BPM as a lot of songs, and it's a glorious meme now

    Please take a moment to appreciate one of the internet's greatest gifts: the Party Rock Anthem music video set to other songs. 

    LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem captures the spirit of 2011, from the thick rimmed glasses, to the skinny jeans, to the inexplicable trend of wearing vests over T-shirts. Although the song is now rarely played at public events other than sweet sixteens and unfortunate weddings, it's still a beloved piece of pop culture. It's so thoroughly enjoyed, it went diamond earlier this...

  • Google Home Hub is $50 Off Right Now, Just $99 Pre-Order

    Whoa, ummm, if you want a Google Home Hub or already pre-ordered one, stop and/or cancel it now and head over to Home Depot, who happens to have a crazy deal on it. The brand new Google Home Hub can be pre-ordered from the home improvement store for $99. That’s $50 off! I’m not sure … Continued