Brickbat: Extreme Reaction
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  • Brickbat: Extreme Reaction

    The European Court of Human Rights has upheld injunctions against a German pro-life activist barring him from referring to the abortions performed by some doctors as "aggravated murder" and comparing them to the Holocaust. The court said his remarks could incite "hatred and aggression" and the injunctions are "necessary in a democratic society"

  • Why Populists Reject Evidence

    The participation of former White House chief strategist Steve

    Bannon at The Economist’s Open Future festival this month caused a great

    deal of controversy. But the

    actual interview he

    gave was fairly predictable. Free trade and immigration have been bad for the

    United States and Europe, argued Bannon, a view he shares with other right-wing populists. Interviewer Zanny Minton Beddoes,

    meanwhile, defended the liberal viewpoint which sees free trade and immigration

    having broadly increased...

  • Reaction to Paul Allen's death

    SEATTLE (AP) - Reaction to the death of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who died Monday:Paul Allen's contributions to our company, our industry and to our...