Creative Data Visualization Techniques
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    More than six million people use Slack daily, spending on average more than two hours each day inside the chat app. For many employees, work life is contingent on Slack, and surely plenty of us use it for more than just, say, work talk. You probably have a #CATS and a women-only channel, and you’ve probably said something privately that you wouldn’t want shared with your boss. But that’s not really up to you.

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    An entrancing light show helps it rise above mediocrity, but audio enthusiasts won’t be pleased with the lack of bass response and unpredictable mid-tones.

  • How to be more creative, according to science

    IMCBerea College/Flickr

    Creative imagination — like composing music or making discoveries — can be improved with two steps: exposure and experience. 

    A strong fantastical imagination — or getting completely absorbed in an idea — can be improved by engaging in pretend play — or acting. 

    Episodic imagination is like fantastical, but it uses real memories instead of fantasies.

    You can practice this by imagining the process, not the outcome, of a desired future event.

    Whether you get mesmerized...