Michael Wolff defends Trump book in fiery CNN interview
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  • Michael Wolff defends Trump book in fiery CNN interview

    "Fire and Fury" author Michael Wolff defended his controversial best-seller about the Trump administration Saturday, accusing CNN's Michael Smerconish of "doing the work of the White House" when questioned about his methods of gaining access to the President and his team.

    Smerconish pressed Wolff about his comments this week to NBC's Savannah Guthrie in which the writer admitted he had "certainly said whatever was necessary to get the story."

    "What did that mean?" Smerconish asked.

    "Well, I...

  • Michael Wolff didn't have to call Donald Trump—because Donald Trump called Michael Wolff

    Bloomburg has revealed the magic words that got author Michael Wolff a front row seat to the Donald Trump White House. Abracadabra? Shazam? Open Sesame? Not quite …

    Author Michael Wolff’s pitch to the White House to win cooperation for his book included a working title that signaled a sympathetic view, a counter-narrative to a slew of negative news stories early in Donald Trump’s presidency.

    He called it “The Great Transition: The First 100 Days of the Trump Administration.” And in part due...

  • Michael Wolff Asked to Prove Discredited Claims in Anti-Trump Book: ‘My Evidence is the Book’

    Michael Wolff, the author behind the discredited book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, provided the Oprah Winfrey defense over inaccuracies in his anti-Trump book: if it sounds true to somebody, it's got to be true. In an interview on MSNBC Monday, Wolff told his critics that his book is all the proof anyone needs to back up its claims. Host Katy Tur suggested to Wolff that releasing any evidence he has could silence his critics pretty quickly.