Need labels for your product? A new logo? A new website? Have AI design them
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  • Need labels for your product? A new logo? A new website? Have AI design them

    As we’re sliding into 2018, it’s safe to say AI-powered machines can do just about anything. They can detect breast cancer. Paint a new Rembrandt. Even tell us if there’s fresh coffee in the kitchen. So it was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence found its way into design. Last year, we used the AI-powered tool Brandmark, developed by Jack Qiao, to redesign TNW’s logo. The software works by identifying an icon, font pair, and color scheme based on some keywords about the brand....

  • New 'Doctor Who' season has perfect new logo

    With a new Doctor Who series comes not just a new Doctor but also a new logo.

    BCC revealed the new logo for Doctor Who's upcoming 11th series, which is set to premiere on BBC in the fall. The logo, colored yellow and orange, is a more modern take on the last logo with a little extra flair.

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    The extra flair — that line through the middle — is shown in a short animation to be the trail of the TARDIS.


  • Streaming service Fandor has a new COO and a new Chief Product Engineering Officer

    Fandor has expanded its executive team, promoting General Counsel and Chief Distribution Officer Felice Oper to the role of COO, and appointing TS Ramakrishnan as its Chief Product Engineering Officer. Felice joined the company in 2015, around the same time that Larry Aidem took over as CEO. Aidem, who previously worked with Felice at HBO, said that her role at Fandor has expanded… Read More