The Basics on Jermaine Dupri’s Daughter, Shaniah Mauldin
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  • The Basics on Jermaine Dupri’s Daughter, Shaniah Mauldin

    Growing up in the shadow of a famous parent used to be a really tough thing, especially if you wanted to pursue a career in a field even remotely similar to your parents. But in many ways, reality television has mitigated that. Sign up for a reality TV show and show the world your struggle to make it within that shadow and get paid a decent sum of money while you are doing it. Enter mega-producer Jermain Dupri’s daughter, Shaniah Mauldin. Mauldin has been kicking up some dust lately…

    The post...

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    I feel constant frustration and powerlessness regarding my relationship with my daughter, whom I have loved dearly since the day she was born when she was pretty like a doll and looked at me in a very direct and critical way (already). She is still good looking, but not in a flashy way and she is not the sort to make much of it.

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