New tech will let us make the truth whatever we want it to be
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  • New tech will let us make the truth whatever we want it to be

    It is already possible to produce a video of you doing something you never did. Soon you’ll be able to pair that with audio of you saying — in your own voice — something you never said.

  • H&M's New Arrivals Make Us Want A Vacation — Like Yesterday

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  • Parkrun makes us fitter, but can it make us happier as well?

    In a new study, participants self-scored as more content than the general population – and social media can have a positive motivating influence, too

    That regular exercise is good for you, reduces your risk of a large number of diseases, improves sleep quality and boosts energy is well known. But if these weren’t reasons enough already to start the NHS Couch to 5k programme and register for a free local run, then here is another: parkrun makes you happier.

    In a new study by Glasgow Caledonian...