Why Corsica is the perfect island for a family holiday
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  • Why Corsica is the perfect island for a family holiday

    al shoots me a glance which comes as close as the gaze of near-four-year-old boy can to disbelieving cynicism. He is not convinced by my suggestion that Arlo, the titular star of 2015 Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur, might – possibly – be just up the trail. Nor is he entirely buying my claim that the cox-comb peaks around us are the very mountains of the parallel-universe Montana and Wyoming which provide his favourite film’s setting. Still, buoyed by the certainty that no father would ever fib to...

  • Is this perfect holiday for England rugby fans?

    he Baglioni Hotel Regina does not resemble an obvious venue for rugby union. Tucked on to the Via Vittorio Veneto, immediately opposite the American embassy in Rome, it is a place of understated five-star elegance, spotless mirrors and the click of pricey heels on polished marble floors. If it ever dreams of scrums and line-outs – of the battle-bloodied foreheads of the swarthy warriors of the modern game – it is far too discreet to discuss it.

  • Florida at 200 M.P.H.

    When IndyCar came to St. Pete for a race, I was there — heart pumping, eyes popping, ears ringing.