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  • Michael Moore Asks Bill Maher Where He Got $1M To Donate To Dem PAC In These “Trumpian Times”

    Michael Moore wants people who see his new documentary film Fahrenheit 11/9 to come away understanding why this country is “not a democracy if you’re sitting on the bench.”

    “Everybody has to participate,” he told HBO’s Last Week Tonight host Bill Maher.

    “What this movie shows is why sometimes people stay on the bench,” Moore explained as Maher’s opening guest.

    The film, Moore acknowledged, is “a bit of a balancing act” because it’s listed as “Michael Moore’s Trump…

  • Steve Bannon And Bill Maher Discuss To A Draw On ‘Real Time’

    Bill Maher tonight began the way he always does when introducing conservatives who come on Real Time. This time, though, that guest was Steve Bannon, the former advisor to President Donald Trump and the architect behind the campaign that got Trump elected. Despite those credentials helping Maher’s Public Enemy No. 1, the thank-you set the tone for a mostly cordial interview.

    Mahar said conservatives like Bannon appearing in hostile territory “said volumes why the…

  • Michael Moore to Bill Maher: Where did you get this $1 million donation money?

    Bill Maher made it known that he donated $1 million to the Senate Majority PAC earlier this year to help Democrats win back the Senate. Inquiring minds, including Maher’s Real Time guest and friend Michael Moore, want to know where he got that money.

    “You have contributed to the DSCC . Where do you get this money?” asked Moore, who was out promoting his political documentary for the “Trumpian times,” Fahrenheit 11/9.

    It’s simple: “No divorces, no alimonies, no kids, no stupid hobbies like...