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  • 5 things you might not know about Air Force One

    The White House

    For decades, the president has flown in style on a variety of different planes and under various call signs. Air Force One is one of the most famous aircraft to ever take to the skies as it’s the to-go plane for US presidents.

    The plane is so popular, it was featured in the 1997 action film, Air Force One, starring Harrison Ford as he battles terrorists trying to take over his flying fortress.

    Here’s what you might not know about this famous flyer.5. Air Force One isn't an actual...

  • Far Cry 5 Arcade lets you mod Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry: Primal into your game

    Far Cry 5 Arcade lets you use assets from other Ubisoft games like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Watch Dogs 2 and Far Cry: Primal to make your own challenges, missions and races. This expansion on the map editor in previous Far Cry games takes advantage of Ubisoft’s shared tech to open up new possibilities. “The […]

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  • Who is Jacob Sartorius? 5 Things to Know About Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown's Boyfriend

    With Millie Bobby Brown adorably flaunting her relationship with boyfriend Jacob Sartorius on social media, many are curious to know more about the 15-year-old singer.

    The Stranger Things actress first sparked rumors that she was dating Sartorius, born Rolf Jacob Sartorius, in October when she posted a photo of him to her Instagram Story. After months of flirting between the two on social media, Brown, 14, posted a picture of herself cuddling a giant teddy bear with the caption, “Thanks for the...