Apple highlights Apple Pay Cash in latest ad series
AppleInsider -

Apple on Thursday shared four short commercials touting Apple Pay Cash, the company's in-house person-to-person payments solution that lets users send money to friends, family and other parties with a text.

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  • Apple showcases Apple Pay Cash in new video ads

    Apple Pay Cash was introduced back at WWDC 2017 as an alternative to PayPal and Venmo. In theory, it lets you send money over iMessage to someone and the other side will receive them in their Apple Pay account. In reality, it can be used for paying rent, bills, tickets, food to someone close that otherwise would get the money in cash.

    Apple showcased the service in four short videos, posted on YouTube. The series is called "Just text them the money" and demonstrates how easy it is to pay and...

  • Apple shows off Apple Pay Cash in latest advertisement [Video]

    Apple this evening is out with its latest Apple Pay-focused advertisement. This video focuses on Apple Pay Cash and how it can be used between roommates to easily handle things such as rent payments.


  • Apple's New 'Just Text Them the Money' Ads Feature Apple Pay Cash

    Apple today released a series of new 15-second ads highlighting Apple Pay Cash under the tagline "Just text them the money."

    One ad shows how roommates can use Apple Pay Cash in Messages to send rent money, while another includes a "lost shirt" scenario that demonstrates the ability to request a specific dollar amount.

    A third ad highlights two friends discussing and paying for tickets to a game even though it conflicts with another friend's wedding, while the fourth ad covers a...