Millennial investors are snapping up GE (GE) -

General Electric named Lawrence Culp its new CEO earlier this month.

Investors on Robinhood, a free-trading app popular among younger traders, have been snapping up shares.

The company is set to report its third-quarter results later this month.

All eyes are closely watching how the new management will reset the company. 

Watch General Electric trade in real time here.

General Electric named Lawrence Culp its new CEO earlier this month, and investors on Robinhood, a free-trading app popular...

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  • Millennials are snapping up the 'Tesla of China' since its IPO (NIO)


    Millennial investors have been pilling into Nio, the Tesla of China, shares since its US initial public offering last week.

    Nio shares have gained 46% since their IPO, and is the 29th most held stock on Robinhood.

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    Nio — the Tencent-backed electric-car startup widely seen as the Tesla of China — has become a darling for investors on the stock-trading app Robinhood, a no-fee brokerage popular among younger traders.

    Shares have gained 46% since their US...

  • Millennial investors are loading up on Tesla ahead of its crucial earnings (TSLA)

    Tesla is trading near its lowest price in months — and investors on the free-trading app Robinhood appear to be buying the dip. 

    The strategy of loading up on shares during sell-offs has become extremely popular during the 9 1/2-year bull market.

    All eyes are on now on the company's third-quarter earnings report later this month. 

    Watch Tesla trade in real-time here. 

    Tesla shares have plunged more than 30% from their recent highs, but investors on Robinhood, a free-trading app popular among...

  • Snap slides to an all-time low (SNAP)

    Snap shares hit a record low on Friday.

    Shares have been under pressure since the social-media company warned on August 7 that its number of daily active users fell for the first time.

    The user drop could cause "a negative flywheel" for Snap, and weigh on the company's other strategies, a Jefferies analysts said.

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    Snap shares slide to their lowest level on record Friday, touching $8.43 apiece.

    The social-media company has been under pressure since releasing...