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  • Shark Bites Instagram Model Posing In The Bahamas

    Instagram model Katarine Zarutskie got into the water to join a pack of sharks in the Bahamas. But, when she did, one clamped its jaws onto her arm and pulled her underwater.

  • Shark bites Instagram model posing in the Bahamas

    It seemed like the perfect holiday photo opportunity: Crystal blue waters and a pack of docile nursing sharks lazing on the docks of Staniel Cay in the Bahamas.

    But when Instagram model Katarine Zarutskie waded in to join the sharks, one clamped it jaws onto her arm and pulled her underwater.

    "All of a sudden it felt like 15 people were squeezing on my wrist really, really, really hard," Zarutskie said. "Next thing I knew I was underwater and I felt this, and the adrenaline just kicked in."


  • Shark bites Instagram model during Bahamas photo shoot

    California native Katarina Zarutskie grew up doing water sports and had seen photos online of people swimming with nurse sharks, which Exuma Online deems “typically harmless to humans.” But the 19-year-old Instagram model and University of Miami student still had a frightening experience with one during a Bahamas trip last month, and she tells BuzzFeed she feels “very, very blessed and fortunate” she came out of it relatively OK. The BBC reports she’d finished lunch one day on Staniel Cay with...