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State Rep. Pat Dillon recently wrote the following message to her constituents to explain why she deemed possibly “controversial” no votes on two environmental bills that passed in the recently concluded legislative session. (Click here and here to read news stories about those two bills, House Bill 5360 and Senate Bill 9.)

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    Hartford—Black and brown Democratic delegates gathered before the beginning of this weekend’s state Democratic nominating convention to support a challenger’s campaign, casting the bid as a campaign for youth, diversity, and the working class.

    Eva Bermudez Zimmerman pitched her candidacy for lieutenant governor as being the exact opposite of her opponent Susan Bysiewicz, claiming that she is the true representative of youth, diversity, and working class family interests in the state Democratic...

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    Students at Cortlandt V.R. Creed Thursday got an early start on leaving their school. They attended a session about the Board of Education’s plans to close the inter district magnet high school this coming academic year to save money. (Read about that here.) Then the students staged a walkout for 26 minutes. Creed junior Aurea Bianca Orencia sent in the following write-up about why the students walked out:

    Despite some hesitations of getting wet in the rain, a majority of the students at Creed...