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  • Saudi women attend football game for the first time

    Saudi Arabia allowed women to enter a football stadium for the first time to watch a match Friday, as the ultra-conservative kingdom eases strict decades-old rules separating the sexes. The new measure comes after Riyadh, long known for imposing harsh restrictions on women, announced it was lifting a ban prohibiting them from driving, as well as reopening cinemas..repubhubembed{display:none;}

  • In a first, Saudi stadiums open for women to watch soccer

    Saudi women were allowed into a sports stadium for the first time Friday to watch a soccer match between two local teams - though they were segregated in the stands from the male-only crowd with designated seating in the so-called "family section."

    The move was the first of Saudi Arabia's social reforms planned for this year to ease restrictions on women, spearheaded by the kingdom's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32. The kingdom has also announced that starting in June women...

  • Saudi Arabia allows women to attend soccer match

    In a historic move permitted by Saudi rulers, a stadium in Saudi Arabia’s second city, Jeddah, allowed women to attend a soccer match between two local teams.

    Dressed in headscarves and long flowing abbayas the women filed into the stadium, ushered by women in orange T-shirts over their...