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  • Perfect Season Parade 2.0 held in Cleveland to mark Browns' 0-16 season

    CLEVELAND -- Some might have pegged it as a celebration, but Chris McNeil, the organizer of the Cleveland Browns' 0-16 parade, made one thing clear Saturday afternoon after the Perfect Season Parade 2.0 finished driving and marching around FirstEnergy Stadium on Saturday afternoon. The parade was held to mark the team's 0-16 season.? It was a protest, one Cleveland Police estimated between 2,500 and 3,200 people showed up to either watch or take part in. There was a pickup...

  • Cleveland Browns on perfect season parade: ‘We apologize’

    CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Browns on Saturday both thanked, and apologized, to dedicated fans who stood in the frigid temperatures this morning for the Browns Perfect Season Parade 2.0.

    Read the full statement, below:

    “We greatly appreciate the passion of all our fans and we apologize to them for not making 2017 an enjoyable season. We certainly hear them and understand their frustration. Obviously, we want the same thing as our fans; winning results. We are committed to doing...

  • A Parade of Sadness: Browns Fans Celebrate Perfect Season

    Cleveland, Ohio

    With the wind whipping from off Lake Erie over Burke Lakefront Airport, a man offers me a can of Budweiser. Pour it in this cup so the cops won't bother you, he says. It's a Saturday, before noon, but that's late by the standard of Cleveland's Municipal Lot, where the Browns faithful do their pregaming.

    Four teams played on Saturday, but not the Browns, who had what fans here are jokingly calling a perfect season. Perfect, because they went 0-16, making them only the second NFL...