Weekly poll results: the Razer Phone 2 gets some love, but will have to fight for the win
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Gamers are a perfectionist bunch, so while the Razer Phone 2 got a strongly positive response in last week's poll, it caught some criticism too. It seems that those who voted against the Razer see the Asus ROG Phone as the true leader in smartphone gaming instead.

One point that came up often is that the ROG has an extra USB-C port for accessories. And a 3.5mm headphone jack - this is pretty vital as many multiplayer games rely on voice chat for coordinating with your teammates. Heavyweights...

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    Razer kicked off the current "gaming phone" resurgence, but competitors that came later could pick a newer chipset. Not all of them did, but the bar was raised, anyway. The Razer Phone 2 arrived to answer the challenge with a Snapdragon 845 chip and a custom cooling solution.

    The company also added features that are considered flagship staples - fast wired charging (QuickCharge 4.0+), fast wireless charging (Qi up to 15W) and water resistance (IP67).

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    LG strategy seemed all over the place, but the scattershot approach has hit the bullseye - the LG V40 ThinQ got the approval of our readers in last week's poll, the vote was 3:1 in favor.

    The company's firm commitment to the 3.5mm headphone jack and the hardware that makes it awesome (the 32-bit Quad DAC) have not gone unnoticed. LG's other passion, multi-camera photography won people over as well.

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