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  • Swiss Alps: old huts to chic chalets

    Surrounded by Alpine peaks and wild flowers, once abandoned farming huts have been converted into cool, ultramodern holiday cabins

    After a long ascent via hairpins through smaller and smaller villages in the Swiss Alps, the bumpy track around the mountainside eventually petered out into a stony path, indicating we had reached the end of our journey.

    I had the sinking feeling that we were in the wrong place. There should have been a collection of high-design chalets around here somewhere, all...

  • Florence Welch: ‘I wonder sometimes, did I dream too big?’

    After wild years of all-night partying, Florence Welch has found a calmer way to live. She talks to Eva Wiseman about the ‘magic energy’ that drives her and how she’s finally learning to make sense of herself

    There was a time when the voice of Florence Welch was as inescapable as an ambulance siren. “You’ve got the love, youuuu…” It blasted from car windows, it shot over sporting montages, it echoed through Primark. And then, just as quickly, it was gone.

    Now 31, her hair less roaring fire, more...

  • Simone Lia on life on the road

    You can really go places when you have a mobile home…

  • How I learned to love the three-generation holiday

    A week away with children and grandparents has all the ingredients for a nightmare. Here’s how to make it a triumph…

    “How was the trip to Center Parcs with three generations of your partner’s family?” friends are asking politely. And to them I reply: “I’m still processing.” Here is what I learned:

    The trick to spending time with children is to give up all pretence of adult life and descend willingly into a world where those over eight are simply used as security and for collecting snacks. And...

  • Nine Inch Nails: Bad Witch review – an inventive, aggressive return


    Having spent most of the last decade concentrating on Academy award-winning film scores (2010’s The Social Network) and his How to Destroy Angels project, Trent Reznor rebooted Nine Inch Nails in December 2016 with Not the Actual Events, the first in a series of three EPs. After last year’s Add Violence, Bad Witch completes the cycle, its three distinct moods suggesting a triptych within a triptych.

    Opener Shit Mirror reprises some of the aggression of the first two EPs, is distorted...

  • 15-year-old on Alaska AIrlines flight uses sign language to help fellow passenger

    A 15-year-old is being widely praised for an act of kindness during a cross-country flight.

  • Nepal's first female neurosurgeon talks about helping and adopting an abused baby

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  • The big picture: beauty amid the flipside of the American dream

    French photographer Laura Henno captures life – and light – in an apocalyptic squat in the California desert

    In the heart of the California desert, the photographer and film-maker Laura Henno immersed herself in Slab City, a vast, apocalyptic, open-air squat, symbolic of the flipside of the “American dream”.

    Here, members of an almost exclusively white underclass – the excluded, the poor and those riddled with debt, drugs and drink – live without running water, sewers or electricity apart from...

  • Overboard review – a rotten remake sunk by unseaworthy leads

    This new version of the Goldie Hawn amnesia comedy sadly forgets to make sure the principals have any chemistry

    With so much fundamentally wrong in the world right now, it’s probably a misuse of energy to care too much about Overboard. But for sheer pointlessness, laziness and obvious lack of shits given, this gender-reversed remake of the 1987 Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell vehicle takes some beating. Anna Faris plays Kate, an overworked single parent who cons amnesiac yacht owner Leonardo (Eugenio...

  • From the archive: the male nude in 1972

    It may be the summer of Love Island and burnished male torsos, but it wasn’t always thus…

    Little did Titian know that 500 years on from his classical masterpieces real life Adonises and Venuses would congregate in a villa in Mallorca clad in small Lycra loincloths, on a television show called Love Island.

    Whether you watch religiously or actively abstain, say what you like about this year’s contestants but they are certainly not shy about baring their honed flesh. Which brings me to this week’s...

  • A quick note to say… thank you to David Attenborough

    Maggie Rowley, 70, admires the way the veteran broadcaster is doing something that really matters in such a popular and accessible way

    He’s a total joy to watch and to listen to, but what I really want to thank David Attenborough for is bringing the important issues of the planet – the state of the oceans and the earth – to everyone’s attention. He’s doing something that really matters, keeping something that’s so crucial in the public eye in such a popular and accessible way.

    I’ve been watching...

  • Lessons my baby daughter has taught me (part 1)

    I don’t really know anything – but I can scoop poo out of the bath. As his daughter turns one, Nikesh Shukla reflects on what he’s learnt

    As my youngest daughter turns one, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past 12 months. Not in a “this is what we’ve learned” way that you might find at the end of a cheesy sitcom. And definitely not in a “here is my advice on being a dad” way, because I don’t really know anything. Here is part one of 12 things that I have learned (part two to follow next...