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  • Trump’s Lawyer Ty Cobb Caught Talking Loudly About Scandal on Two Cell Phones in Airport

    Trump’s lawyer Ty Cobb looks like he walked out of an old country western movie. He’s the same guy who famously got caught discussing the Trump-Russia scandal in a restaurant by a New York Times reporter. Now he’s running his mouth again, but this time it was at an airport.

    Twitter user @trumpanhator was sitting next to Ty in the airport and he even had a picture to prove it. He described it like this:

    “Guess who I saw today? Leaving DC via Reagan Nat. Airport. He pulled out two phones and...

  • Expert Speaks Publicly, Evidence “Strongly Indicates That Donald Trump is a Traitor”

    Fox News and outlets like it are full of conspiracy theories that are highly inaccurate. That’s why it’s so important to place value on actual journalism and stories on the Trump situation.

    Pulitzer Prize winner David Cay Johnston has covered Trump for decades and was recently interviewed about the Trump administration and the current situation Trump finds himself in. Johnston’s recent book is called, “It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America.”


  • Conservatives Melt Down Over High School Textbook Teaching “Trump is mentally ill and his supporters are racists”

    Supporters of popular vote loser Donald Trump and other conservative leaning Americans like to use words like “snowflake” to describe who they feel are overly-sensitive, too politically correct liberals.

    The massive amounts of irony in that will probably forever be lost on them.  Conservatives and Trumpsters get their undies in a wad over pretty much anything they don’t like or agree with on a level that liberals can’t even begin to approach.

    Case in point, a new history book that simply tells...

  • Scandal Whistleblower Makes Rounds Around Washington Revealing Intel to Democrats

    Christopher Wylie is the source who recently revealed more info about the harvesting of Facebook user data by Cambridge Analytica, and he’s now calling for Democratic lawmakers to investigate the company.

    Wylie is set to meet with members of Congress throughout the week, but Republicans are taking a pass on the conversations, underscoring their complete and total refusal to take any real action on the serious issues revolving around the shady world of the 2016 Presidential election.


  • Another Woman Comes Forward on Trump, Further Corroborating The Steele Dossier

    Popular vote loser Donald Trump has a problem with the truth. We all know this. Even his sycophantic aides and advisers know this. Donald Trump may even know this. Or, he may be not even realize that most of what he says is complete and utter nonsense, who knows .

    For years, Trump has been lying about whether or not he stayed overnight in Moscow, Russia after the Miss Universe pageant and allegedly engaged in some disgusting behavior with Russian women, as the infamous Steele Dossier alleges.


  • Mueller’s New Court Filing Reveals He’s Going After Trump Jr.

    Paul Manafort has opted to go to trial instead of cutting a deal against Trump. Those court filings are now providing some big clues about the Trump-Russia investigation. The most recent filings confirm that at least one of Robert Mueller’s targetsb all along has been Donald Trump Jr.

    In a move of defense, Manafort is challenging the legality of last year’s FBI raid of his home, arguing that  Mueller didn’t have the authority to investigate his financial dealings prior to joining the...

  • Journalists Show Handwritten Personal Attack Notes Trump Sent to Them

    Donald Trump is a child. We all know that. But, in case you need more proof, there’s this:

    Politico released a collection of handwritten notes Trump has written to journalists. Some are “Thank you” for articles painting him a good light, and others are petty and mean for articles critical of Trump, and all of them are the work of a 10-year-old mental state, complete with circled names and arrows pointing at reporter’s faces, etc.

    Here are a few samples:

     (Courtesy of Juli Weiner)

    Vanity Fair...

  • Trump Calls Media “Enemy of the People”, George W. Bush Sets The Record Straight

    Speaking to the Today Show, former President George W. Bush gave perhaps his most pointed political statements post-presidency. You know things are a complete circus when a former Republican president is willing to speak out against Trump like this.

    Bush has been notoriously quiet on presidential politics since leaving the White House in January 2009, but offered some sharp observations on Trump’ short tenure thus far, and we couldn’t agree more with him.

    Speaking about Trump’s statement that...

  • Records Found Saying Trump Lied to FBI, Handing Mueller a Major Victory

    Popular vote loser Donald Trump has long denied claims in the infamous Steele Dossier that he stayed in a Russian hotel in 2013 an engaged in some fairly disgusting sexual deviancy.

    Now, thanks to flight records and solid, tenacious journalism, it’s been proven that Trump has been lying about that trip since the beginning.

    You all know how it works: Lie to the FBI, you go to prison. However, that apparently only applies if you are being questioned by the FBI, not if you are the president who is...

  • Sean Hannity Just Made Things Worse, Shows The Media Where to Find His Scandal

    It seems like when you’re trying to cover up a scandal, the best thing to do is not give too many details that leads people to the very thing you are trying to hide. Trump Jr. put his foot in his mouth when he tried to claim his meeting with the Russians was about adoption, which turned out to not be true.

    Then Sean Hannity pulled a similar move when he claimed he asked Trump’s attorney for “real estate” advice. Both instances just raised red flags and resulted in more investigation into their...

  • New Evidence Found Concerning Blackmail Material Russia Has on Trump

    It’s recently come to light that (and sit down, this is shocking…gasp) popular vote loser Donald Trump lied about visiting Russia in 2013.  Trump has long denied claims in the infamous Steele Dossier that said he stayed in a Russian hotel and took part in some, well…disgusting behavior while there.

    Recently uncovered flight records have proven that Trump has been lying and absolutely stayed the night in Russia despite saying he never did.

    Seth Abramson has been reporting on this for well over a...

  • Mike Flynn’s Son Just Threw Mike Pence Under The Bus in Scandal

    When the history books on this era of American history are written, they’ll have to cover how incredibly inept, how terribly, terribly bad at politics and law this presidential administration and its associates truly are. They are really bad at this.

    Case in point – The son of disgraced and indicted former national security advisor Mike Flynn, Mike Flynn Jr., just implicated Vice President Mike Pence in the Trump/Russia scandal, but likely has no idea he’s done it.

    As you’ll recall Donald Trump...