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  • How to Draw Lips and a Mouth

    What You'll Be Creating

    If you want to learn how to draw lips and a mouth without a reference, you need to understand their anatomical structure first. In this tutorial I will show you where the form of the mouth comes from, and how to draw lips in various shapes and views. After this, you'll be able to draw realistic lips from scratch!

    Because the mouth is not a separate element of the face, and it's closely tied to the nose, I recommend you take a look at my How to Draw a Nose tutorial...

  • Create Two Colorful Children's Book Illustrations in Illustrator

    What You'll Be Creating

    Doodle up a cute design for a kids' book and render it with Gradient Meshes, Blends, little sparkles, and various Blending Modes. Layered shapes pump this design and its counterpart up from being as simplistic as the initial sketch. 

    Once you're done with this tutorial, check out its counterpart by Grace Fussell on designing the layout of a children's book in Adobe InDesign.

    If you prefer to use some ready-made illustrations, you can find thousands of cute vectors on...

  • How to Create an ‘Earth Day’ Plastic Pollution Infographic in Adobe InDesign

    What You'll Be Creating

    On 22 April the world celebrates Earth Day, which recognises and aims to educate about the impact humans have on the environment. This year, the focus will be on raising awareness about plastic pollution and educating individuals and organizations about the practical steps they can take to reduce their plastic footprint. 

    This easy-to-create infographic is a great way of spreading the word about plastic pollution either on social media or in poster format. 

    Short on time?...

  • How to Animate a Twirling Girl in Toon Boom

    What You'll Be Creating

    In this tutorial, we will walk through the steps in animating a twirling character using Toon Boom Stage 10. We will learn how to draw rough poses, how to polish them, and how to transform them into a smooth, seamless animation!

    Although we will be using Toon Boom Stage 10 to walk through the process of creating the animation, you can still learn something from this tutorial even if you are a user of a different program.

    Let's get started!

    1. How to Start a Document in...

  • 20 Cool Photoshop Text Effects, Actions & Styles for 2018

    Find a text effect that is fun and simple to use! Check out this list of premium resources below.

    20 Cool Photoshop Text Effects, Actions & Styles

    Create inspiring quotes with graphics that sell! Working in Photoshop has gotten a whole lot easier thanks to designers all over the world sharing their high-quality text effect templates.

    These templates feature cool and exciting Photoshop text effects, actions, and PSD layer styles to save valuable time and energy.

    That's why we've put together...

  • Art for All: Celebrate Diversity in Design—Volume 8

    Welcome back to our Diversity in Design series on Envato Tuts+. Discover four talented artists with inspiring styles you'll love.

    4 Artists You Should Know: Diversity in Design


    the work of these extraordinary artists. Each with their own unique

    background, they draw inspiration from their culture and surroundings to

    create phenomenal designs.

    Súa Agapé

    Súa is a Guatemalan artist with an extraordinary grasp on color. Full of cosmic energy and psychedelic compositions, her work is...

  • How to Create an Illustration of a Starling on a Branch in Adobe Illustrator

    What You'll Be Creating

    Spring is here, and we are all about it! It's the most wonderful time of the year, when the trees and flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and joy is in the air. And that is what we will create today—an apple blossom branch and a starling.

    Before browsing PhotoDune, I didn't know that starlings are in all different colors, because on my side of the Earth they are just black. It's interesting to browse a few pages and see what a big diversity there is for birds...

  • How to Create a Futuristic Fashion Portrait in Adobe Photoshop

    What You'll Be Creating

    Today, we will be creating a futuristic fashion portrait in Adobe Photoshop! We'll explore the concept of hand-painting smaller details as opposed to using filters, pre-mades, or presets. That may sound daunting, but I assure you that you don't need to be a digital painter to start introducing some digital painting techniques into your photo manipulations!

    We will also be exploring color grading using adjustment layers, and how drastically color grading can change an...

  • How to Create a Crystal Formation Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

    What You'll Be Creating

    In today’s

    tutorial, we’re going to take a close look at the process of creating a glass

    dome enclosed crystal formation, using some of Adobe Illustrator’s most basic shapes

    and tools.

    So if that sounds interesting, grab a quick sip of that freshly poured

    coffee and let’s get started!

    Before we start, I wanted to take a couple of moments and point out that I'll be using a custom line texture that I got from Envato Elements which proved to go really well with the rough...

  • How to Create a Poster Using Layer Masks in Adobe Photoshop

    What You'll Be Creating

    For this tutorial we will design an empowering poster using typography interwoven into flowers using the Layer Mask tool in Adobe Photoshop.

    For poster and flyer inspiration, head on over to GraphicRiver.

    What Will You Need

    You will also need to download and install the following font file and image: 

    Playfair Display and Open Sans by Google Fonts

    Flower photo by Charlie Harutaka via Unsplash

    Install the font on your system and you are ready to get started! 

    1. How to...

  • How to Warp Text in Adobe Illustrator

    What You'll Be Creating

    Want to warp some text? In this video from my course, 10 Essential Design Tips in Adobe Illustrator, you'll learn all the ins and outs of distorting and warping text in Adobe Illustrator.

    How to Warp Text in Adobe Illustrator Prepare the Text for WarpingSo we're going to learn how to warp stuff. Let's grab our Type Tool, left click anywhere on the artboard, and type some text. Let's type "WARPED". And we can go to the Character panel at the top, and we can pick a...

  • How to Create a 3D Floral Collage in Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

    What You'll Be Creating

    In this tutorial I'll show you how to use Adobe Photoshop to create a colorful 3D floral collage featuring a beautiful woman.

    First, we'll isolate the model from the background. After that, we'll add our background. Then we will cut out the model to create a 3D effect. Later, we will add the flowers and crystals. Next, we will import the waves, the jewelry, and the crow on the model. Then, we will the tribal marks and geometrical shapes to keep the collage balanced....