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  • How to Make an Explanation (aka Explainer) Video

    Envato Tuts+ is in the business of teaching readers new skills and creative ideas. If there's one trend that I've observed in my five years as an instructor, it's this: more readers than ever before prefer to learn from video. Many of our readers also need new video production skills to teach their own audiences.

    There are many formats for teaching with video, ranging from step-by-step walkthroughs to documentaries. Each format has its own style and set of skills.

    Sometimes, you don't want to...

  • 10 Best After Effects Product Promo Video Templates

    You've built a great product and you're ready to share it with the world: whether that's a digital or physical product, a promotional video can help you drive your marketing message and make it clear how useful and exciting your product is.

    At the end of the product development cycle, two things are always true: deadlines and budgets are tight! So, when you're ready to launch and need to develop a video, use a pre-built product project from Envato Market. Any of these are ready to drop in your...

  • Pick Up Some Free Assets for Your Next Video Project

    Video is coming soon to Envato Elements, and to give you a taste of what's to come, we're giving away some free video files to use on your next project. What's on Offer?

    Here are some more details of what you can download from the pre-launch page:eight Adobe After Effects to help you with everything from making an explainer video to creating a cool ink-blotch title effect or a glossy logo stingfour backgrounds to use in your videos, whether you're into hipster shapes, abstract neon, or seamless...

  • How to Use the Sun for Soft and Flattering Outdoor Video Lighting

    As a filmmaker, you know

    how important it is to get your lighting right, but this can only really come

    from a good understanding of how light works. Knowing what you want to achieve

    is half the challenge!

    We’ve looked at using sunlight directly, but what

    happens when the light is too strong? Diffusing light can let just enough in to

    soften the light and make it useable. In this lesson we’ll cover how and when

    to use a diffuser: light when your subject is in the sun or when you need to


  • 10 Best After Effects Logo Animation Videos for 2018

    If you’re making a video, you want to be sure that your audience notices and remembers your brand. An impressive logo animation will stick in the minds of your viewers, so we’ve put together our 10 Best After Effects Logo Animations from Videohive.

    1. Logo Animation

    Logo Animation is a fresh and dynamic project that has the versatility of being excellent as an opener, intro of even outro for your presentations, slideshows or other videos. The template is simple to edit and the sound effects are...

  • How to Capture a Stylish Smoke Photograph

    In this tutorial you'll learn about smoke photography. We'll look at the post-processing techniques you need to make smoke photos look great, as well as a few bonus methods for special effects.

    1. Equipment Selection

    While photographing smoke, you can get spectacular images using minimal equipment. I used the following kit in today's tutorial:

    a cheap flash released in the '80s (power range: 35 W)

    a small halogen floodlight with the power of 100 W (sold in home improvement stores)

    two tripods...

  • Decoding Lens Jargon: Image Stabilization, Coatings, and Advanced Focusing Motors

    Lens makers love to tout the advanced features of a lens to entice you into buying. They'll showcase their latest coating, focusing, and stabilization technology to help persuade you to buy the latest edition of a lens you already own. Don't get tripped up in fancy features; watch this lesson instead! Here are several key terms that I'll cover in the video above on features of a camera lens:

    Image stabilization: Stabilization compensates for the movement of your hand to ensure sharp...

  • 10 After Effects 3D Text Animation Templates for 2018

    You don't have to master the art of 3D animation to create a text effect with depth.

    Adobe After Effects has every possible tool and feature to create animations, but that doens't mean that you have the time to learn 3D animation. Instead, download one of these projects and drop your own details in to create 3D text effect videos easily.

    Let's get three dimensional in this roundup. Check out the previews below to see some of the best templates on Envato Market for After Effects:

    1. 3D Text...

  • How to Create Cheap and Flexible Outdoor Video Lighting

    As a filmmaker, you know how important it is to get your lighting right. Knowing what you want to achieve is half the battle. Adding light to your subject lets you balance exposure with your background—and keep everything well exposed.

    This lesson brings in some of the elements previous lessons together to create an achievable lighting setup: backlight, fill light and a key light. Although this setup could look daunting, it just takes practice until it becomes second nature. If you found this...

  • 15 Top Creative Smoke Effects for Adobe After Effects Videos

    Gritty dramas are on trend, and a well-produced, realistic smoke effect can tip your video over the edge of wowing your audience. Here, we've collected 15 Creative Smoke Effects for Adobe After Effects Videos from Videohive, so you can start knocking their socks off!

    1. Smoke

    Effects Pack

    Smoke Effects is a

    comprehensive set including animated backgrounds and text reveals, all of which

    are editable. Reminiscent of a Guillermo del Toro opener, it somehow manages to

    be both fantastical and...