• Bannon: Trump Right on Migrant Separations, North Korea (Video)

    Curt Mills

    Politics, North America

    The former White House chief strategist defended the president’s controversial moves on immigration and North Korea, in a video interview with the National Interest.

    “I think it’s interesting that the permanent political class that runs this city are up in arms this week about President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy on the border,” Steve Bannon told me Monday afternoon. “If you go back to what Trump has said for years, and particularly, when came down… the...

  • Russian Naval Aviation Is In Deep Trouble. Could China Come to the Rescue?

    Dave Majumdar


    Given that Russia and China are drawing closer geopolitically, it is possible that Beijing would entertain the idea of allowing the Kremlin’s naval aviators to train onboard Liaoning.

    With Russia’s sole remaining aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov entering into dry dock for an extend period of repairs and overhaul this year, Moscow’s naval aviators will not have a vessel available to train onboard.

    Naval aviation—especially the art of landing on a real carrier at...

  • The Real North Korea Nightmare Isn't Nuclear War (Think Collapse Instead)

    Jamie Metzl

    Security, Asia

    And it would be horrific. 

    Recognizing the potential for reduced Chinese assistance, Pyongyang has begun looking for other financial options. Its longtime friend Russia, relishing these days in poking the West, would be a good choice but for its ongoing financial crisis. South Korea, which once provided significant aid to the North for little in return under former President Kim Dae Jung’s “Sunshine Policy,” will not be fooled again without significant concessions....

  • These Are the 5 Most Dangerous Rifles and Revolvers on Planet Earth

    Kyle Mizokami


    The real deal. 

    Sturm Ruger’s other line of popular revolvers has a distinctly Old West flavor to it. The Ruger Blackhawk line of pistols look similar to the old Western Colt Single Action Army revolvers of the nineteenth century, but with a host of modern features to keep them viable in the twenty-first. Cold hammer-forged barrels and a stout, beefy frame make the Blackhawk a manageable firearm in .357 Magnum, .41 Remington Magnum, the traditional cowboy calibers .45...

  • Would Navy Aircraft Carriers Be Useless in a War Against Russia?

    Dave Majumdar

    Security, Europe

    This might be a big problem. 

    Earlier this month, Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornets and EA-18G Growlers embarked aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) to take part in an annual multinational exercise called Baltic Operations (BALTOPS) 2018 on June 6.

    While BALTOPS has been an annual exercise since 1972 in the middle of the Cold War, what is remarkable about this year’s war games is that Harry S. Truman was sailing in the Adriatic...

  • Sig Sauer Is Going to Transform Old M4's Into Killer Assault Rifles

    Task and Purpose, Jared Keller


    And we know just how they plan to do it. 

    Time will tell how the MCX Rattler actually holds up during tests. And while the Army Contracting Command may have snapped up the Rattler due to Sig’s willingness to keep that sweet, sweet DoD moolah flowing, the ACC isn’t ruling out other contenders; according to the announcement, “any responsible source who believes to be capable of meeting the requirement may submit a capability statement, proposal, or...

  • The Future Is Now: We Got a Closer Look at Bell’s V-280 Valor Prototype

    Robert Beckhusen


    The V-280 will travel twice as far and 150 miles faster than the UH-60, at a cost of what Bell expects to be $30 million instead of the Black Hawk’s $20 million. 

    On June 18, 2018, Bell’s V-280 Valor prototype took off for its first public demonstration, six months after its first flight. It’s another, early glimpse at the tiltrotor aircraft that could one day replace a significant portion of the U.S. military’s UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, among other...

  • The F-35 Is Getting Ready to Fight Russia's Stealth Fighter and China's J-20

    Kris Osborn


    A big update is coming. 

    Block IV will also increase the weapons envelope for the U.S. variant of the fighter jet. A big part of the developmental calculus for Block 4 is to work on the kinds of enemy air defense systems and weaponry the aircraft may face from the 2020’s through the 2040’s and beyond.

    The Air Force is now adding new information about enemy aircraft to the F-35's "threat library" database designed to precisely identify enemy aircraft operating in...

  • The Navy's New Columbia-Class Missile Submarine: A Stealth Killer?

    Kris Osborn


    Columbia-Class is a new generation of submarines intended to quietly patrol the undersea realm around the world.

    While the Columbia-Class is intended to replace the existing fleet of Ohio-Class ballistic missile submarines, the new boats include a number of not-yet-seen technologies as well as different configurations when compared with the Ohio-Class. The Columbia-Class will have 16 launch tubes rather than the 20 tubes current on Ohio boats, yet the Columbias will...

  • Trump's Perilous Path

    Dov S. Zakheim

    Security, Americas

    To the extent Donald Trump has a strategy, it is one grounded in assumptions and realities that were far more relevant 150 years ago than they are today.

    THERE IS A widespread consensus that Donald Trump is a highly transactional figure who has no strategic sense—much less an actual strategy. That is not entirely correct. He does have a coherent strategy, but it is one that is firmly based on a nineteenth-century view of America’s role in the world. In that...

  • America First at Home and Abroad

    Alan Tonelson

    Security, Americas

    Trump's case for America First must refute internationalism’s root strategic assumptions and transform the nation’s definition of foreign-policy success.

    IT’S INCREASINGLY OBVIOUS that Donald Trump is talking a much better America First foreign policy game than he’s playing.

    Like his campaign and his inaugural address, his presidency so far has featured plenty of rhetoric lambasting the “globalism” of his predecessors, and threatening a decisive break with...

  • Taiwan and the South China Sea Must Be Taken Off the Back Burner

    Paul J. Leaf

    Security, Asia

    Optimism on trade with China and talks with North Korea are causing Washington to lose focus on other issues.

    The United States recently focused its efforts in Asia on improving trade with China and securing a denuclearization agreement with North Korea. While Washington correctly prioritized these important goals, it appears to be neglecting other pressing regional issues. These other issues include China’s increasing militarization of man-made islands in the...