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  • Toni Mascolo obituary

    Hairdresser who was the business brains behind the Toni & Guy empire he built up with his brother Gaetano

    Toni Mascolo was not in hairdressing for fashion, fame or art. He expressed his creativity not in extreme cut or colouring but in a novel business structure through his family firm, Toni & Guy. From his teens, Mascolo, who has died aged 75, was his own accountant, business adviser and advertising director, with an immigrant’s willingness to work full-speed from 8am to 10pm six days a...

  • Bitter divisions over migration threaten show of unity at EU summit

    Germany and Italy criticise proposal by European council president Donald Tusk, who described refugee quotas as divisive

    Divisions over migration marred a show of unity at an EU summit on Thursday, after Germany and Italy hit back at plans that could spell the end of mandatory refugee quotas.

    Germany, Italy and the Netherlands have led criticism of a proposal from the European council president Donald Tusk, who has described refugee quotas as “divisive and ineffective”. Continue reading...

  • RU alt-right, hun? Spare a thought this Christmas for Britain’s political unholy trinity

    Unloved, unwanted and with no lucrative media jobs to go to, Nigel Farage, Milo Yiannopoulos and Katie Hopkins are sure to be finding this time of year particularly difficult

    Nothing, but nothing, is higher camp than a “resting” star of the alt-right. They have an order of luvvieness all their own, several leagues beyond even the self-absorption of Withnail. At present, no fewer than three of the UK’s biggest names on the wingnut fringe are “between jobs”. Abu Hopkins has been flushed by both...

  • Tottenham’s staying power in question as economic gravity pulls hard

    Mauricio Pochettino has given Spurs an identity and some great memories but the constant need for renewal, and the fear of losing ground to richer rivals, gives them a uniquely precarious look

    Gravity can be annoyingly persistent. Mauricio Pochettino, as so often, said all the right things after Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-0 win against Brighton & Hove Albion on Wednesday. He is looking forward to the challenge of taking on Manchester City. He is “positive”. He promised Tottenham will “enjoy it”....

  • After Alabama, Republicans need to choose reason over rage

    For the Republicans to hold on to what they have, the party will need to cool some of its more inflammatory rhetoric in the coming months

    First Virginia, and now Alabama. From the looks of things, the Republican party is going through a rough patch. Sure, the GOP controls the White House, both chambers of Congress, and even the supreme court – thank you Mitch McConnell, but it doesn’t look or feel like fun.

    Instead, traditional Republican constituencies like high-end suburbanites and college...

  • The Rape of Recy Taylor: behind one of the year's most vital documentaries

    Sexual violence against women of color in the 40s went largely unpunished and a new film aims to shed light on one of the most courageous figures from the era

    The titular crime in The Rape of Recy Taylor and the miscarriage of justice that follows occurred in 1944 and the spring of 1945. But amid a wave of sexual assault claims that is sweeping powerful men off their perches, the modern analogues are hard to miss. Specifically, the question of where this moment leaves women with no power, no...

  • My summer of WhatsApp love: just a different kind of true romance

    In the glow of your phone screen you can be vulnerable, tender and show your best side in a way you can’t on an early date

    Not so many years ago I had a summer romance that was different from other summer romances.

    We met at a party, then he returned overseas and we spent several months locked in a dopamine-frenzied storm of messages. Sometimes hundreds a day, not respecting timezones or the real-life fragility of our connection. Continue reading...

  • Religious freedom review appointee has argued for limited sharia law in Australia

    Prof Nicholas Aroney, who has said religious freedom should include right to practise sharia law within limits, appointed to Phillip Ruddock-led review

    The Turnbull government has appointed an academic who has argued that recognising religious freedom should include acceptance of a limited form of sharia law to the Ruddock review.

    On Thursday the government released broad terms of reference for its religious freedom inquiry, headed by former attorney general Philip Ruddock, including the new...

  • Maro Itoje will be available for England’s Six Nations title defence

    • Player required surgery on fractured jaw in defeat at Harlequins this month• Saracens reveal he faces a maximum of four more weeks in rehabilitation

    Maro Itoje will be available for the start of England’s Six Nations title defence after Saracens revealed he faces a maximum of four more weeks in rehabilitation.

    Itoje required surgery on a fractured jaw sustained in the 20-19 defeat at Harlequins on 3 December, resulting in two plates being inserted into his face and raising the alarm that he...

  • Teenagers killed as train and school bus collide in southern France

    French transport minister Élisabeth Borne describes the incident as a terrible accident but no immediate word on casualties

    French authorities say there has been a “serious rail accident” in southern France involving a school bus and a regional train.

    Transport minister Élisabeth Borne described the incident as a “terrible accident” and said she was travelling immediately to the scene. Continue reading...

  • Omarosa Manigault-Newman on the White House: 'I've seen things that made me uncomfortable'

    The former Apprentice star denies reports she had been fired from her post as an assistant to Donald Trump, and says she has ‘a profound story’ to share

    Former Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault-Newman said she had felt uncomfortable and upset in the White House as its most high-profile African American woman, as she denied reports she had been fired from her post as an assistant to Donald Trump.

    She also hinted strongly that she had revealing and potentially damaging stories to share from her...

  • Jean-Claude Van Johnson review – a baggy, wildly oscillating mess

    This campy self-parody centred on Jean-Claude Van Damme is let down by poor writing and direction. It’s a waste of everyone’s time

    What is it? A “comedy” featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme as Jean-Claude Van Damme.

    Why you’ll love it: If you are former action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme, you will adore this six-part television programme about and starring you. It’s six half-hours of you kicking ass like in the old days, staring intently into a much younger woman’s eyes like in the old days and...