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  • The best deep conditioners for hair

    Dry summer hair will lap these up gratefully

    I have a very narrow window when I’m keen to test deep conditioners on my hair. In winter, spring and autumn, it responds to rich conditioner like a weeping willow does to a biblical downpour. But in summer, when it gets drier and straw-like, it soaks up the right product gratefully while managing to keep some bounce.

    My conditioning mask of choice has mostly been Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer (£18, 75ml; various, delicious-smelling “flavours”), and I...

  • Where to move for… avoiding traffic

    You could move to a field in Orkney, although you’ll still get stuck behind a tractor

    The age of the privately owned vehicle is O-V-E-R. Teenagers aren’t buying cars, towns are banning them, and autonomous vehicles will soon cart us around. Nobody, though, has told the poor souls queueing for the Blackwall tunnel each morning. There were 38m vehicles on our roads at the end of last year. We have never owned more cars and vans. Solution? Move to the quietest spot in the middle of a field in...

  • USA Rugby Sevens men's and women's teams progress on day 1

    Men’s round of 16: USA 35-0 WalesWomen’s quarter-final: USA 33-17 RussiaBoth the men’s and women’s Eagles Sevens have started in confident fashion at the Rugby Sevens World Cup in San Francisco on Friday, with the women’s Eagles winning twice to progress to the semi-final stage.

    The men’s Eagles opened their tournament in imposing fashion, beating Wales 35-0 in their round of 16 clash to set up a quarter-final showdown with fourth-ranked England. Continue reading...

  • Anna Jones’s egg recipes

    Nestle just-set boiled eggs in a rich, spiced sauce for a Greek-style breakfast, or surround them in a herby dressing for a heavenly sandwich

    There is nothing that splits opinion like an egg. Some of the finest food writers and cooks won’t touch them. Prince Charles, I have it on good authority (I cooked dinner for him once), won’t have a meal without one. I love to eat eggs when the mood takes me, and here are my two favourite ways: Greek-style breakfast eggs, with feta, olive and herbs; and a...

  • Don't chuck those beetroot tops

    Use them much as you would any other leafy green, or turn them into an Iranian yoghurt dip

    Beetroot grows with a bountiful plumage of nutritious, iron-rich leaves that taste and look similar to rainbow chard, which is from the same family. They’re usually thrown away, either at the farm or the market, but those stems and leaves are delicious cooked or raw. Try finely shredding the stalks into a coleslaw, and wilt the leaves and dress with olive oil and lemon, or whip up today’s quick beetroot...

  • Six of the best strawberry recipes

    Toss them with balsamic and rocket for a refreshing salad or wow guests with an impressive strawberry-themed baked alaska

    Prep 15 minServes 4450g strawberries,hulled and halved or quartered1 tbsp balsamic vinegar,or more to tasteSalt and black pepper 80g-100g rocket leaves2 tbsp olive oil, or more to tasteToss the strawberries with the vinegar and some pepper in a large salad bowl. Set aside for 10 minutes.Add the rocket, sprinkle with some salt to taste, and toss again. Drizzle with the oil and...

  • Richard Ovenden, Bodley’s librarian: ‘I feel a huge responsibility. I don’t want to screw it up’

    The author and Oxford fellow on the joys of the city’s Covered Market, the importance of tea and debating with his daughter

    I go to sleep quickly. I need a minimum of six hours and I like to be in bed by 11pm. I often wake up in the night, so I’ll go downstairs to get a book – anything from Zadie Smith to John le Carré – to read. I’m awake when the alarm goes off at 6.25am. My wife is an artist, so she has a different routine; in the morning, we converse amicably, but briefly! Continue...

  • Which MP was opposed by the Dog Lovers’ party in 1979? The Weekend quiz

    From a rocket to Jane Russell, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

    1 Which MP was opposed by the Dog Lovers’ party in 1979?2 In Formula One, what does a yellow and red striped flag indicate?3 Which rocket’s payload was a Tesla Roadster?4 What did Sinatra ask for at a “quarter to 3”?5 Which film features the Hounslow Harriers football team?6 The Churchill Barriers were built to protect which anchorage?7 Which verse form traditionally has a 5-7-5 syllable pattern?8 Which archbishop is the...

  • Fit in my 40s: 'My thoughts slide through my brain like melting cheese'

    Barry’s Bootcamp started us on a ‘jog’ that is as fast as I would normally run, working up to a run that is faster than I have ever considered

    Nigella Lawson once advanced the idea of using prunes to replace butter in a cake, saying it seemed unlikely, but that’s what they do in California, “where they make it their business to know that sort of thing”. This is what kept coming back to me in Barry’s Bootcamp, an extremely high-voltage exercise class whose composition was created by the original...

  • Elena Ferrante: I don’t have much faith in those who say, ‘Here is a truly new book’

    There are no works that make a clean break with the past, works that exclude it, truly watershed works

    There was a phase – fortunately long past – when I was convinced that a story either had to be absolutely new, comparable to nothing but itself, or it must be discarded. This was a very presumptuous and at the same time naive attitude. It assumed that I was endowed with extraordinary gifts, and that if these gifts were not manifested in works of utter, precious uniqueness, I would have to...

  • Holidays: Europe’s cheapest and costliest destinations revealed

    Britons are struggling to find good-value holidays – but there are still bargains to be had

    Turkey is the best value holiday location in Europe this year, but the Costa del Sol is the cheapest in the eurozone, with prices in most Spanish resorts little more than half those charged in France and Italy, according to research by Post Office Travel Money.

    Although sterling has been weak against most international currencies, it has risen strongly against the Turkish lira over the past year. In...

  • The immigration crisis facing London's Chinatown

    Waiters, chefs and others plan to down tools on 24 July in protest against a growing number of Home Office raids

    The streets of London’s Chinatown are full to the brim with tourists coming and going from supermarkets, brightly painted restaurants and bustling bakeries. As the sun shines down, a mix of smells, sights and sounds fill the air.

    But inside the doors of Imperial China restaurant on Lisle Street the mood is more sombre and business owners and members of the London Chinatown Chinese...