• Congress Tightens Noose on Assad Regime

    Congress moved this week to tighten the economic noose on the embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, passing new sanctions that directly target his military alliance with Russia and Iran that has resulted in scores of civilian casualties.

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  • Assad Has Won and America Must Go

    Gil Barndollar

    Security, Middle East

    What does Washington think it can accomplish in Syria?

    Syrian government forces and their allies stand ready to roll into the province of Idlib and extinguish the last major rebel stronghold in the country. Russian air attacks pummeled Idlib in early September. Today’s announcement of a Russo-Turkish agreement for a buffer zone in Idlib appears to have postponed a full-scale attack on the province, but it is likely to be only a temporary reprieve. The...

  • Could Donald Trump Truly Assassinate Assad?

    Daniel R. DePetris

    Security, Middle East

    Washington had better get used to the unconventional tactics of President Donald Trump.

    The images of dead and dying children shaking with convulsions and foaming at the mouth were simply too unbearable for the president to watch. Hours earlier, the Assad regime dropped sarin-filled munitions on an opposition village in the northern Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun, killing dozens and forcing the Washington to yet again deliberate over a...