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  • Cole Seely Injury Update: What Happened to Cole Seely?

    A lot of Cole Seely’s fans are praying fervently for him. Recently, at the 2018 Tampa Supercross, Motorcross racer Cole Seely crashed terribly in 450SX heat two. If you want to know what happened to Cole Seely, then hang on, as we give you details about it right here!

    Fans and Cole Seely’s team were in for a shock when Seely mistimed a rhythm section and fell hard in 450SX heat two. The Supercross took place in Tampa, and Team Honda HRC was clearly upset and worried for their sole…

    The post Cole...

  • Thomas Cole, American Moralist

    Why this 19th-century master of the Hudson River landscape, who used his art to argue against industry’s assaults, is politically right for right now.

  • Coles to be spun off into a standalone $18bn company by Wesfarmers

    Wesfarmers to retain 20% of Coles, along with Kmart which it also bought in 2007

    Supermarket giant Coles will be spun off and become one of the 30 biggest companies on the Australian stock market in what owner Wesfarmers has called a “once in a decade” move.

    Wesfarmers plans to retain as much as 20% of the new Coles business, which analysts suggest would be worth about $18bn, and hand the remainder over to shareholders. Continue reading...