New Haven news

  • New Haven Promise Celebrates 356 New Scholars

    Born in New Haven to a family who came here from Mexico, Emily Lira took an AP psych course at Co-Op High School and was hooked. A month from now she’ll be majoring in the subject at University of Connecituct on a full-ride scholarship, the first person in her family ever to go to college.

    Cameron Treichel remembers a speaker coming to his middle school classroom and telling him if he does well academically, performs community service, and stays out of trouble, he’d be eligible for a scholarship...

  • Fox News host lobs 'fake news' tweet at ... another Fox News host

    Host Jesse Watters joked that his colleague Jeanine Pirro threw a glass in anger when Trump didn't name-check her in a rally. That wasn't true, she said.

  • New Haven Independent

    As city police, firefighters, and other emergency responders tended to waves of overdoses primarily on the New Haven Green on Wednesday and Thursday, a leading suburban Republican legislator provoked a firestorm of his own with a statement blaming the city for allowing the Green to deteriorate to the point that so many overdoses would occur.

    Mayor Toni Harp, local Rev. Steven Cousin, and New Haven State Sen. Martin Looney came out swinging in response. Their statements (all written, except for...