Nuclear Weapons

  • Israel's Not-So-Secret Super Weapon of War: 'Underwater 'Nuclear Weapons

    Sebastien Roblin

    Security, Middle East

    We have all the details. 

    The 2,400 ton Dolphin 2 model is based on the state-of-the-art Type 212 submarine, which features Air-Independent Propulsion technology and swim faster at twenty-five knots. While diesel submarines rely on noisy air-consuming diesel generators which require the submarine to regularly surface or snorkel, AIP-powered submarines can swim underwater very quietly at low speeds for weeks at a time.

    Israel has never officially admitted...

  • The argument from cyberspace for eliminating nuclear weapons

    At the height of the Cold War in 1982, American psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton argued that the "central existential fact of the nuclear age is vulnerability." That warning predated the proliferation of computers into almost every aspect of modern life, including nuclear weapons.

  • How the Army Could Destroy North Korea's Nuclear Weapons

    Michael Peck

    Security, Asia

    At least we think so. Read on.

    Special emphasis is placed on reconnaissance and intelligence collection to identify WMD sites.

    The Pentagon has just released a new manual that lays out how the United States might destroy North Korea’s nukes.

    Army Techniques Publication No. 3-90.40, “Combined Arms Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction,” explains U.S. doctrine for neutralizing WMDs. The guidelines focus on the nuts and bolts of counter-WMD combined-arms operations by...