Steve Cohen

  • Congressman Steve Cohen's Wasted Freedom

    In this era of mob rule, a fellow like Rep. Steve Cohen might want to keep a sharp eye out for crowds of people with buckets of tar and garbage bags full of white feathers. Back home in Tennessee, he might also want to keep an eye out for any ...

  • Steve Cohen Invests In Crypto Hedge Fund

    It may have lost much of its euphoric luster mood in 2018, but that doesn't mean that the crypto space has been abandoned by institutional investors. Quite the contrary: according to Fortune, none other than billionaire Steve Cohen has decided to join the bitcoin party and has invested in a Autonomous Partners, a relatively new hedge fund that is acquiring both cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related companies.

    Autonomous Partners, led by early cryptocurrency adopter and venture capitalist...

  • Steve Cohen has reportedly backed a crypto hedge fund

    Steve Cohen backs crypto hedge fund Autonomous Partners through Cohen Private Ventures.

    Cohen's backing comes amid growing interest from mainstream investors in crypto assets.

    Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen has invested in the crypto craze, according to Fortune.

    Fortune reported on Thursday that Cohen has invested in crypto asset hedge fund Autonomous Partners through his vehicle Cohen Private Ventures. Autonomous, which was founded last year, has also raised money from Union Square...