• Design on a Dime

    Design on a Dime Home decor ideas using dollar store items.

  • Designer polymers on demand

    When jewelers create a necklace, they control the order and number of each bead or jewel they use to form a desired pattern. It's been challenging for scientists to do the same thing when designing polymers—until now. In ACS Central Science, researchers report a new method using light and chemical reactions to control how subunits come together to form polymers with precise properties.

  • How to Design Minimalist and Functional UI

    Minimalism is defined as being a “style or technique characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity”–-in other words, reducing a set of components to the minimal amount necessary to produce the desired effect. This can mean cutting back on unnecessary elements and only keeping what’s strictly necessary for the functioning of the interface.In many ways, this guidance can be beneficial for designers creating interface or UI, as it promotes a way of working with as “little design” as possible....