• Should Cops Be Immune From Lawsuits?

    In October 2013, two investigators from the Texas Medical Board arrived at Dr. Joseph Zadeh’s medical practice in suburban Dallas with an administrative subpoena for the medical records of more than a dozen patients, joined by two DEA agents. When a medical assistant told them that she would need to contact a lawyer first, they said Zadeh’s license was at risk if she didn’t comply immediately. She backed down, and they rooted through Zadeh’s patient files for evidence of wrongdoing—all without a...

  • ‘Senator hiding behind immunity’

    Accused by Sen. Antonio Trillanes of cornering huge government contracts in Davao City for his family, Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher “Bong” Go said yesterday the former Navy officer was hiding behind parliamentary immunity to shield himself from counter-charges. by Christina Mendez

  • Judge Willett Questions Qualified Immunity

    As part of an investigation of his practices, the Texas Medical Board executed an administrative subpoena on Dr. Joseph Zadeh's medical office, accompanied by two federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officers. According to Dr. Zadeh, the Board agents exceeded the scope of their subpoena in executing their search of his offices, so he sued, seeking damages for alleged violaitons of his constitutional rights.

    In reviewing De. Zadeh's claim, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit...