• Sex workers pioneered the internet, and now the internet has rejected them

    Motherboard's Sofia Barrett-Ibarria talks to sex-worker advocates about the early history of sex-work and the net; after economically sustaining the alt-weekly industry and its excellent local journalism, sex workers found themselves increasingly unwelcome in their ad sections and moved online, pioneering the internet as we know it today.

    Early classified sites, early web design and hosting, early e-commerce -- they all owe their success to sex-workers and their pioneering move to the...

  • The internet is 'full of weirdos' in charming 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' trailer

    What do you do when your best friend is having an existential crisis? Same thing you do when anything else is wrong: You take to the internet! The full trailer for Wreck-It Ralph sequel takes Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope online in search of a broken part that will save Vanellope's game. Like so many of us, Vanellope finds a home on the internet to the point where she doesn't want to leave.

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    The trailer...

  • New 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Trailer Gets Weird on the Internet

    The latest trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet, a.k.a. Wreck-It Ralph 2, is the best yet at delivering plot nuggets and Internet weirdness. It turns out that the reason our title character and Vanellope have to venture into the wild wild West of the Internet has to do with searching for a replacement part for the Sugar Rush arcade game. That opens up a whole world of meta weirdness as the digital odd couple venture out and find themselves in search of much more than a gaming gizmo....