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  • Why Did “Major Crimes” End? Will There Be a “Major Crimes” Spin-Off?

    Viewers were glued to their screens as the last few episodes of Major Crimes season 6 unfolded. The popular series was not given an extension by TNT, even though the creators, actors, and fans wanted the show to go on. One possible explanation is that the network wants “edgier fare,” and is making room to broadcast new content. As the show’s last episode aired on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, a chapter in TV is over.

    Fans of Major Crimes were heartbroken as they…

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  • Major Crimes' Major Exposition Dump: I Have Stroh Many Questions

    To conclude its sixth and final season, TNT’s Major Crimes on Tuesday night brought back Phillip Stroh in full force, forcing the freshly and dearly departed Commander Raydor’s team into a battle of wits, all while emotionally taxed. I am not here to deliver a play-by-play of this week’s tense, exhausting doubleheader — very simply […]

  • Mary McDonnell speaks out on 'Major Crimes' death and backlash

    Sharon Raydor’s sudden and tragic death on Major Crimes sparked intense debate among ardent fans — and it hasn’t waned since the show concluded earlier this month. Now, Raydor’s portrayer, Mary McDonnell, has spoken out on the matter.

    In an essay for Variety, McDonnell acknowledged the backlash against the show as well as the widespread support she received from fans, calling viewers’ reactions to Raydor’s death “sharply illuminating.” Some Major Crimes viewers disliked the way the show’s...