• The TV mega-merger loophole

    Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy says it’s time to stop offering a backdoor way for Sinclair to dominate local news.

  • The Holydrug Couple: Hyper Super Mega

    The new album by The Holydrug Couple, the decade-old musical project of Chilean musicians Ives Sepúlveda Minho and Manuel Parra, addresses the constant distractions of the world, whether they be technological, cultural or economical. According to a press release, the band was wandering with a sense of haphazardness, so instead they turned the loud world that caused their mental burnout into their inspiration.

  • Here It Is: Your Mega-Guide To R29's Best Boots

    At Refinery29, we love boots. No matter if it's winter, spring, summer, or fall, our editors can be spotted stomping around in heeled boots, flat boots, work boots, snow boots, red boots, white boots, something in between a boot and a bootie, the list goes on. Unsurprisingly, our love for the shoe style is just as prevalent in our own work (it may be one of our most written about topics, but don't quote us on that). So to keep you up to speed on our roundups of trending boots, we're logging a...