Monsters at large

  • The Trump Monster

    Authored by Jeff Thomas via,

    I don’t often comment on specific world leaders or isolated political events, choosing instead to look at the big picture as much as possible and what it may mean to the reader’s future.

    However, I’ve repeatedly been asked to comment on the liberal press (worldwide, but particularly in the US) reporting false news regarding Donald Trump.

    This, of course, is an ongoing trend, but the reports appear to be increasing in frequency, severity of...

  • 10 very large LEGO projects

    I have the LEGO Taj Mahal sitting here, waiting to be built.

    Mine is the old 5922 piece version, a gift from a former BB contributor who fried out on building big LEGOs and sent it to my daughter and I. LEGO has rereleased this set, due to its immense popularity, with 1 extra piece. I believe it is a brick separator.

    While not the biggest project in this video, it is still the biggest LEGO set you can buy.

    LEGO Creator Series Taj Mahal (10256) via Amazon

  • Monster crocodile steals an angler's fish

    Luke Robertson was at Cahills Crossing in the Northern Territory - a notorious crocodile-infested waterway - when he decided to go for a fish.