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  • Trump critic Mitt Romney denies leading 'Never Trump' Republicans

    As he runs for Senate in Utah, Romney’s comments jar with his harsh rebukes of Trump during 2016 campaign

    Mitt Romney on Friday told reporters he has not been a leader of the “Never Trump” movement among Republicans, a statement that contradicted strongly critical remarks made on the 2016 campaign trail and in the years since.

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  • Trump joins past Republican presidents in new version of The Republican Club painting

    Andy Thomas, the artist who creates wonderful paintings depicting historical presidents from each party hanging out, has updated The Republican Club to include Donald Trump. It was spotted on the White House wall during an interview with the president on CBS News.

    The artist, who lives in Missouri, United States, was "ecstatic" to discover his art displayed in the White House, he told Time. Republican congressman Darrell Issa reportedly gave it to the President.

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  • This is who Trump is—and who Republicans are, every one of them

    The primary task of everyone in the White House is to hurry to enact each required Republican policy before human toilet Donald Trump can open his mouth and screw it up. They wanted so badly for Donald to shut up about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. They were jingling all the keys, giving him all the desserts, sharpening all his crayons, and he just could not restrain himself.

    That's why Republicans insisted first on no...