Cranberry orange-bread, 50 years later
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  • The 50 best-selling music artists of all time, ranked by platinum albums

    In today's music industry, the RIAA certifies an album as "platinum" when it surpasses 1 million album equivalent units in sales or streaming. 

    Here, we rank the best-selling artists of all time by their number of platinum album certifications.

    In the decades before streaming-era rules and digital downloads inflated album sales, platinum certification was more difficult for artists to obtain.

    When an artist achieved platinum status back then — selling a million or more physical copies of an...

  • Drinking orange juice could slash your risk of dementia by 50 per cent, study finds

    Major research in Boston followed 28,000 men's diets and brain health for two decades. The antioxidants in fruit and veg can help protect the brain from oxidative stress, the authors said.

  • How to Be an Artist

    From Jerry Saltz, failed artist and art critic for New York Magazine, a list of 33 rules on how to be a successful artist.

    Lesson 3: Feel Free to Imitate. We all start as copycats, people who make pastiches of other people’s work. Fine! Do that. However, when you do this, focus, start to feel the sense of possibility in making all these things your own — even when the ideas, tools, and moves come from other artists. Whenever you make anything, think of yourself as entering a gigantic stadium...