WATCH: California mudslide concerns
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  • Fire-ravaged California prepares for mudslides

    After two years of colossal wildfires, California is now a checkerboard of dangerous burn zones threatening to turn into mudflow disasters.

    Cal Fire reports a record 1.8 million acres turned black in the Golden State this year, from Redding to Riverside County.

    Meteorologists and first responders look at each coming rainstorm as potential disasters below slopes stripped bare by blazes.

    "We're getting into situations we never planned for or foresaw," Cal Fire spokesman Scott McLean said. "But we...

  • What Happens to California's Farmworkers as the State Burns?

    As the deadliest fire in California’s history rages through the state and public health officials advise people to stay inside, some of the state’s most vulnerable populations continue to go outside and work. The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that farmworkers, many of them poor and undocumented, are facing pressure from their employers to keep picking produce, often without being provided protective masks:

  • Floods, mudslides as storm wallops Southern California

    The second storm in a week brought record-breaking rainfall to parched Los Angeles on Thursday, jamming traffic on Southern California highways and prompting evacuations in wildfire-scarred areas. A mudslide shut