Why Russia's New Su-35 and Su-57 Stealth Fighter Went to War and Syria
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  • Dogfight to the Death: Russia's Su-35 vs. Eurofighter Typhoon (Who Wins?)

    Dave Majumdar


    Place your bets. 

    Key point: Technology-wise, neither the Su-35 Flanker nor the Typhoon is currently equipped with an active electronically scanned array radar, but both have good beyond visual range capability.

    With heightened tensions in Europe over Russia’s actions Ukraine, NATO countries have stepped up their air patrols over the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. While the U.S. Air Force often deploys aircraft to help police the air space over those...

  • Is Russia's New Su-35S Fighter Really Better Than the Old Su-27?

    Charlie Gao

    Security, Europe

    Which fighter wins?

    Key point: Russia's Flanker jets have always been among the best, and the Su-35S is just the latest model.

    While the Su-35 grabs the headlines as Russia’s most advanced fighter, the majority of its air force consists of older types. Per the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ (IISS) “The Military Balance 2018,” Russia operates around 220 “legacy” Flankers to seventy Su-35S, nearly triple the number. The “legacy” Flankers consist of a...

  • This NATO Ally Could Buy Russia's Deadly Su-35 or Stealth Su-57 Fighter

    Mark Episkopos


    Any guesses?

    As the Su-57 inches closer to serial production, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken the unprecedented step of personally pitching the upcoming fifth-generation fighter to Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the MAKS 2019 Air Show.

    Doubling down on what The National Interest previously described as the Russian President’s increasingly proactive role in advertising the Su-57 to prospective buyers, Putin treated Erdogan to an ice cream cone after...