What is a 'designated survivor'? State of the Union role explained
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  • Parkland survivor David Hogg mocks Laura Ingraham after her radio show was canceled: ‘Happy New Year!’

    Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School alumni David Hogg mocked Laura Ingraham after her radio show was canceled. Hogg had successfully called for an advertiser boycott after the Fox News commentator mocked the then-high school student for being rejected by colleges. Hogg will be attending Harvard University in the fall of 2019. Ingraham’s meltdown came after Hogg called for gun law reform after he survived the Parkland school shooting massacre. “Happy New Year,” Hogg tweeted about

  • 47 ‘non-design’ qualities every designer should have

    Write clear emails Be flexible; briefs change Find problems before they occur Bring energy to the table Don’t take design critique as an insult Understand the impact of moving that button Make people around you feel comfortable Bring 3 solutions with every complaint Don’t give up too fast Mute your microphone when not speaking Be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses Bend, but not break Take notes; it shows respect Pay attention to details Get off your chair to point at something in the...

  • Grocery Store Applies for Historical Designation to Avoid Being Designated as Historical

    A grocery story in Washington, D.C., has taken the unusual step of asking the city's Historical Preservation Office to rule that the site is not historically significant.

    In a 39-page application, owners of a Safeway in the Palisades neighborhood argue that there is no reason to preserve the grocery store building or the lot on which it rests. The store "does not embody design significant to the development of the grocery store or supermarket," the application argues, and "the building's simple...