Leo's Shame! DiCaprio's Supermodel Ex Bar Refaeli Likely To Be Indicted For Tax Fraud
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  • Fraud trial kicks off for former Barclays CEO, who could face 10 years in prison for events around the 2008 financial crisis

    Former Barclays CEO John Varley is among four defendants on trial for fraud allegations linked to 2008's global financial crisis.

    The trial is set to take four months over charges related to the bank's emergency refinancing arrangements from investors in Qatar during the crisis. 

    It is the first jury trial for a chief executive of a major bank implicated in the crash. There is a possibility of a 10-year prison sentence for the defendants. 

    A landmark case in London could potentially imprison...

  • 8 Tax Deductions Eliminated (or Reduced) Under the New Tax Law

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowered tax rates and nearly doubled the standard deduction, which is expected to reduce taxes for about 65% of taxpayers, according to the Tax Policy Center. But an estimated 29% of Americans will see no change to their tax bill, and 6% of you will pay more. If you're one of the unfortunate taxpayers who don't get a lower tax bill, it might be because the tax overhaul scrapped or capped some popular tax breaks.

    Here are 8 common tax deductions that were repealed or...

  • Greece Fined €200MM Over Chinese Tax Fraud Network

    While president Trump is cracking down on Chinese technology theft "transfer" in the US, with Canada somehow caught in the middle of the ongoing crossfire (as random Canadians are now getting arrested on the mainland in retaliation for Trump's aggressive practices), it has emerged that China's Belt and Road initiative may be nothing more than one giant, global tax fraud/trade laundering operation.

    Take Greece for example, where the European Union’s Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) just issued a fine of...