‘Mowgli’ Cast: From Bhoot the Albino Wolf to the Hyena, Here’s Who’s Who in Netflix’s Movie
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  • Trump’s Economy Vs. Obama’s Economy

    During his final days in office, I gave a thumbs-down assessment of Barack Obama’s presidency. Simply stated, he increased the burden of government during his tenure, and that led to anemic economic numbers.

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  • Scott Boras softens tone about Kyler Murray’s future with A’s

    LAS VEGAS - Over the past two weeks, as questions about Kyler Murray's potential NFL future came to the fore, his baseball agent, Scott Boras, was steadfast that the A's top draft pick was committed to joining Oakland at spring training and fulfilling his baseball commitment.

    During his annual scrum with reporters at baseball's winter meetings, however, Boras was less firm in his response when The Chronicle asked if he remains convinced that Murray - Oklahoma's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback...

  • Wes Anderson’s Next Film Gets a Cast and a Title, But It’s Not a Musical

    When it comes to upcoming Wes Anderson projects, heresy is the name of the game. Rarely does Anderson announce his cast, title, and synopsis before filming begins, which means we’re left to piece together various reports from the places in which he’s shooting his independently financed projects (by way of Indian Paintbrush, of course). Such is the case with Anderson’s follow-up to Isle of Dogs, which up to now has been described as a musical set in France. As it turns out, that was only half...