Trump: ‘If There Is a Concrete Wall in Front of You, Go Through It, Go Over It, Go Around It’
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    Separating the different strands of New York City 'Women's March' activity has been a difficult undertaking this year, with a handful of similar-but-purportedly-different events planned for Saturday, January 19th. The coexistence of multiple demonstrations has sparked speculation that the women's movement lost steam to internal bickering—a stale and sexist trope that arguably oversimplifies a murky situation. Still, the whole thing is worth unpacking, because maybe you just want to know where in...

  • A Letter From Zimbabwe, Where The Country Remains In Total Shutdown

    Zimbabwe is once again at the brink of economic collapse, making a mockery of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s claim that the country is open for business.

    As Bloomberg reports,  many shops and factories have shut their doors because of a lack of customers and those that continue to trade are open to haggling over prices to secure hard currency. At an appliance shop in the capital, Harare, a salesman whispers that a Whirlpool Corp. washing machine priced at about $5,000 if paid for electronically...

  • How can I find out if someone paid their property taxes?

    It's easy to find property tax payment records because the information is public.

    Q. How does one find out if the owner of a property in New Jersey is paying their property taxes?

    -- Curious

    A. This information is pretty simple to find.

    That's because property tax information is public record in New Jersey.

    It can be researched directly through New Jersey's website,  or you can go directly to the municipality where the property is located, said Steven Gallo, a...