In the Middle East, Russia is back
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  • This Is How Social Media Is Being Used in the Middle East

    Caroline Caywood

    Security, Middle East

    Governments are using social media to rally domestic and foreign support for their policies.

    Social media has played an increasingly important role in Middle East politics ever since the 2011 Arab Spring. State actors such as Iran and Saudi Arabia have sought to use social media to influence discourse at home and undermine rivals abroad. How will this new era of online opposition and internet troll armies play out?

    As ongoing wars in Syria and Yemen have...

  • Middle-Class Americans Are Enjoying More Prosperity Over Time

    I generally don’t write much about the distribution of income (most-recent example from 2017), largely because that feeds into the false notion that the economy is a fixed pie and that politicians should have the power to re-slice if they think incomes aren’t sufficiently equal.

    Please support CNSNews today! [a 501(c)(3) non-profit...

  • Mueller Mulls Middle East Meddling: Reason Roundup

    Middle Eastern influence on U.S. politics and inauguration spending under investigation. "Yes, Democrats are right to feel good this week," writes New York Times columnist Lisa Lerer, citing several new developments regarding President Donald Trump. "But sometimes, in politics, feeling too good can cause the worst falls."

    Some in the party worry that a rush to impeach Trump or too much focus on investigating him could distract from more pressing matters the newly Democrat-controlled House should...