Biden’s Plans for Halting the Unchecked Spread of Covid-19 in the US
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  • How to Pitch Sold Short

    What is Sold Short?

    Sold Short is a vertical about inequality. The stories we publish focus on labor, gender, racial justice, feminism, the family and kinship beyond it, Indian Country and tribal sovereignty, sexuality, wealth inequality, white supremacy, immigration and borders, state violence and the criminal legal system, mass movements (past, present, and future), public goods and privatization schemes, billionaire antics, general hoarding among the top one percent and their fellow...

  • Elon musk has covid-19

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  • Today Marks a Year of Covid-19

    According to an unpublicized report by the Chinese government, the first documented case of Covid-19 was a 55-year-old person living in Hubei province on November 17, 2019. That makes today the first anniversary of the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. From that person (and possibly earlier or concurrent cases), the disease slowly and silently spread until it was determined to be due to a novel coronavirus.

    They found that following the Nov. 17 case, about one to five new cases were reported...