Why Nazi Germany's Tank-Tank Panzerfaust Was a Real Threat
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  • France's Somua S35 Was a Better Tank, so Why Did Nazi Germany Beat Them?

    Robert Beckhusen

    History, Europe

    No radios and poor leadership.

    The S35 was a fearsome tank and more than capable of taking on any comparable German tank at the time.

    The fall of France in 1940, one of the 20th century’s most consequential disasters, wasn’t supposed to have happened. The French military was larger — on paper — and technologically superior to its German enemy.

    Testifying to the French advantage is the Somua S35, a plump, cute tank which was one of the best tanks in the world in...

  • Nazi Germany's Surprise Plan to Crush the Allies: Maus Super Tanks

    Robert Beckhusen

    Security, Europe

    Too little too late.

    First proposed by automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche in June 1942 to Hitler and German armaments minister Albert Speer, the Maus production plan envisioned a total of 152 tanks. But it was a tall order. By the middle of the war, steel and critical alloys were in high demand elsewhere in the German war industry.

    By the time the super-heavy Maus tank rolled out for its first tests in January 1944, the Nazis had — six months after...

  • Need to Stop a Tank? Meet America's Javelin Missile (Russia Fears Them)

    Sebastien Roblin


    Moscow's nightmare?

    When Russia provided military support to separatists in Ukraine, columns of Russian tanks were instrumental in turning back Ukrainian Army offensives and seizing government strongpoints, notably the Donetsk International Airport in January 2015. For hawks like Senator John McCain pushing for the United States to provide direct military aid to Ukraine, Javelin missiles were cited as a key weapon system that might have reversed the Ukrainian Army’s...