US President Donald Trump said if he were popular in Europe, he would not be doing his job. Trump touted the "tremendous service" the US provides European nations, for which they should respect the US
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  • and Trump's GOP critics see an opening

    For weeks, incoming Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has been tight-lipped as he prepares to be sworn in on Thursday, disappointing his longtime friends who hoped he would emerge as a new power center for mainstream Republicans in President Donald Trump's Washington, particularly with the Senate now without the late John McCain.

    Romney's tweets last month included a musing on church hymns and pictures of his grandchildren - and nothing about Trump. "Sorry, guys," he'd say as he rushed by and ignored...

  • Dem Rep. Cleaver: Trump Is Playing Us 'For Fools'

    On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) reacted to President Trump’s proposal on immigration and the government shutdown by stating President Trump is trying to “play us for fools.” Cleaver said, “Well, there’s no table. The president just burned the table. Because he is trying now to play us for fools. He’s going to warm over some things on the stove and bring them back out and say, now will you eat it?

  • 47 US Dems ask Trump to sanction Guatemala government

    A group of 47 Democratic members of Congress urged President Donald Trump on Thursday to impose sanctions on corrupt officials in the government of Guatemala and suspend assistance to the Central American nation. The legislators, led by Reps. Norma Torres and Jim McGovern of California,