90 Day Fiance Recap: Ready to Run
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Last week's 90 Day Fiance episode set things up for this week, where multiple couples are ready to call off the wedding.

Kalani has cold feet, Leida wants to give back Eric's ring, and Jay and Ashley's wedding is being threatened by violent racists.

Also, Steven Frend may be the most hated dude to ever appear on this series. You'll see why.

After Eric Rosenbrook's disappointing apartment and Leida Margaretha's fight with his daughter, she just wanted to make it work.

They looked at...

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    As we promised with last week's 90 Day Fiance sneak peeks, there were some huge fights among a few of the couples.

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    More than one fiancee was reconsidering the idea of getting married at all. ...

    First up, there's Kalani and Asuelu.

    As we showed you in last week's sneak peek, Asuelu tried to comfort baby Oliver by removing him from his car seat.

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    On this week's new episode of 90 Day Fiance, Eric chose someone he's known for approximately 90 days over someone he has known literally his entire life:

    His daughter.

    How did it even arrive at this point?

    Leida said she was prepared to call it quits with Eric and head back to Indonesia because he refused to buy her new furniture.

    That was the reason the pair started to argue at least.

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