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  • PSG hit back at La Liga president Javier Tebas as war of words escalates

    Tebas: PSG are ‘enemies’ and ‘as dangerous as the Super League’Paris club say La Liga president should get own house in orderAn extraordinary war of words has broken out between Paris Saint-Germain and La Liga’s president, Javier Tebas, after he accused the French club of being “enemies” and “as dangerous as the Super League”.

    Tebas, a long-time critic of PSG and Manchester City, said La Liga was “going to fix the PSG problem” before promising to “fight against the club states”. La Liga’s...

  • Government of the unions, by the unions, for the unions

    President Joe Biden Keeps boasting that all the new jobs his programs will supposedly create will be "good-paying union jobs." But, Joe, what about the 93% of private-sector workers who are not members of unions? Does he care about them?

  • Word War II Legends: Biggest, Fastest, Heaviest

    Peter Suciu

    B-29 Bomber, B-17, Convair B-32, ME163, Europe, United States, Germany

    Outclassed and outnumbered

    Here's What You Need to Remember: More aircraft were produced during World War II than any time since.

    The Second World War saw some of the most significant leaps forward in aircraft development. While biplanes and even open cockpits were still used during the war, jet aircraft with pressured cabins were also introduced. Aircraft were able to fly higher, faster and carry greater bomb...